Construction Accidents

Working with heavy machinery and in hazardous environments day in and day out can lead to serious injuries and even death.

Working on a construction site is considered to be one of the most dangerous occupations in the country. Workers are protected at the state and federal level, but unfortunately, many employers choose not to follow the law in order to save time and money and in doing so, put the lives of their employees at great risk.

Each year, thousands of construction workers are injured and even killed in construction site related accidents. Some important factors to know about construction injuries:

  • The construction company carries the responsibility to inspect each site with competent safety engineers and maintain a safety program for all employees. Owners, insurance companies, architects, and equipment manufacturers can be held liable when these safety measures are not implemented or fail to protect construction workers.
  • Manufacturers of various equipment and products used on the site can be found liable under Third party negligence. Contracts may ensure that liability for injuries extends to subcontractors and contractors.
  • Workers’ compensation provides benefits that include lost wages and compensation for disabilities for injuries occurring on the job or even diseases caused by working conditions. Unfortunately, this alone may not be enough compensation.

Common accidents and injuries that occur on construction sites are:

  • Logging Accidents. Perhaps the most dangerous occupation in the country is logging. Logging poses significant risks on employees due to extreme conditions surrounding employment. The massive weight and momentum of the trees being shifted around on a day-to-day basis, in addition to the extreme terrain and weather conditions, makes logging occupation extremely hazardous.
  • Crane Accidents. Common accidents involving cranes are electrocution from touching power lines, accidents occurring during the assembling or disassembling of the crane, and various failures of the crane’s construction, all which can result in serious and fatal injuries.
  • Dangerous and Defective Machines. When safeguards meant to protect workers are not implemented, serious injuries can result from moving machine parts. Any kind of machinery (such as nail guns, mechanical power presses, forklifts) can cause preventable injuries.
  • Compressed Gases Hazards. The use of compressed gases in construction projects present the possibility of mechanical as well as chemical dangers. Thousands of workers each year are injured due to failure to follow safe handling procedures.
  • Mechanical Hazards. Several moving parts of many machines (i.e. the point of operation and the power transmission apparatus) pose threats of injury on construction sites. Safety measures must be taken to protect these basic components of all machines located on the construction site.
  • Welding, Cutting and Brazing Accidents. Employers are required to determine all potential dangers by providing protective equipment and minimizing all exposures to hazards. These hazardous pose dangerous health and safety risks to employees.
  • Construction Site Falls. Statistics confirm that over 300 construction workers will be killed on the job site this year due to falls. Common causes of these falls are unstable work sites, misuse of equipment, or lack of adequate safety equipment. Taking proper precautions can prevent many of the deaths and injuries associated with construction site falls.
  • Scaffolding Accidents. Many of the injuries that occur annually are associated with work using scaffolds. Most accidents are attributed to negligent construction and maintenance of the scaffold.

What to Expect 

  1. After being involved in a construction accident and retaining our services, we will first work to determine the extent of injuries by helping to coordinate treatment with providers in convenient locations near you. At the same time, we will determine applicable insurance coverage, including determining if a commercial policy applies, seek out any relevant liability determinations, and calculate any medical costs incurred. We then evaluate your case as a whole, creating a general idea of what you should be compensated for injuries and damage sustained in the truck accident based on our knowledge and expertise.
  2. Once familiar with the costs, cause, and coverage, we negotiate directly with insurers on your behalf to settle your claim and bring you the compensation you deserve. We don’t let our clients get bullied and pressured into unjust settlements. Settlements can take into account the extent of your bodily injuries and associated medical costs, property damage, time away from work, and pain and suffering.
  3. In the event that we are unable to settle your case prior to a lawsuit being filed, our team of experienced litigators are ready and able to represent you at trial, demonstrating to a jury of your peers why you deserve proper compensation for what you have had to endure.

Time is of the essence after a construction accident when it comes to getting you the compensation you deserve and preserving key pieces of evidence that are vital to your claim. Please do not hesitate to call us at 844-RLF-WINS. Allow one of our expert lawyers to evaluate your case. We do not take a penny for our services unless your case settles.


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