Ramin Raiszadeh is the Managing Partner of RX2 Motorcycle Lawyers and The Raiszadeh Law Firm. He represents clients in a wide variety of cases involving motorcycle accidents, auto accidents, premises liability, construction accidents and wrongful death cases. Ramin represents several motorcycle organizations based in California and Illinois and two nationwide motorcycle groups. He is known throughout the motorcycle community as a dedicated protector of riders’ rights and a tireless advocate for victims of motorcycle accidents.

In 2007, Ramin received his law degree from the University of San Diego School of Law. He then moved abroad to the United Arab Emirates, working in both Dubai and Abu Dhabi, where he served as in-house legal counsel to two global real estate developers. While working abroad, he acquired significant legal and commercial experience by representing owners, design consultants and contractors on multi-party, complex, regional, high-profile and large-scale construction projects.

Ramin’s varied international experience with multinational corporations has given him a unique legal and commercial business perspective that provides him with a competitive edge when advocating on his clients’ behalves against negligent corporations, manufacturers, insurance companies and public entities. He has numerous milti-million dollar settlements and judgments against negligent individuals, insurance companies, corporations and product manufacturers.

Ramin is licensed to practice law in California, Arizona, Illinois, New York and Maine. He splits his time between Los Angeles and Chicago but can oftentimes be found in any other state in which the firm practices if any client requires his assistance.

Unfortunately I have had the experience to speak about this topic with confidence, having dealt with a few accident attorneys in the past, Ramin Raiszadeh is simply a BEAST of an attorney. After retaining his firm, Ramin continued to call to check on me during my hospital stay to see if I needed anything and to let me know how my case was progressing. Ramin and his assistant made it a point to take care of all the headaches of speaking with the other parties representatives. I only spoke to them once in regards to the loss of my vehicle. Ramin contacted me during holidays to wish me the best and to see how my business was doing seeing as how I was not there to run it, Ramin always told me he would do everything in his power to see to it that I would be compensated for the loss of business. After my healthcare provider did what they could, Ramin helped me find a doctor to help continue with my physical therapy where they found some things my healthcare provider did not bother to look for or had missed. After all of this, Ramin worked tirelessly to negotiate a settlement from the opposing insurance company's defense attorney, where he got exactly what we asked for. Ramin is simply the best and a man of his word.
San Diego, CA
Abi A.
Ramin was referred to me after a rear-end accident I was involved in last summer. He was very insightful, kind and assured me he could help. It could not have been an easier process, his doctors were very helpful and experienced! I would recommend him to anyone involved in a motor accident. He helped me make the most out of a very stressful situation. Thank you for everything!
Los Angeles, CA
Angela B.
God forbid I’m ever in a situation again where I need any legal representation: but if I do, I won’t hesitate a single moment to give them a call. All-in-all the people I worked with all seemed to be genuinely kind, and to care for my well-being, AND they were able to get me a settlement that (while still fair) was 10X what I would have expected otherwise. If I ever see them again under different circumstances I will definitely be very enthusiastic.
Chicago, IL
Karl G.
It was a pleasure working with Ramin. He was always there for us and did a great job taking care of the issue at hand. He always answered his phone and made sure we were updated on any new info with our case. I highly Recommend Ramin if you are looking for a Lawyer that has your best interest in mind. Thank you Ramin for everything you have done for us.. It will never be forgotten.
Chicago, IL
John S.
I had a very good experience with Ramin Raiszadeh’s legal team . I got into a motorcycle accident and spent about a year trying to get everything handled on my own and it was an absolute nightmare. Lots of restless nights and days spent worrying about my health and whether or not I’d actually be compensated. After I had finally become fed-up trying to do everything on my own I came to the conclusion I would never see a fair settlement without a Law Firm’s assistance. Thankfully I kept good records and pictures of the damages. I finally gave Ramin a call and left a voicemail. Within an hour I was talking to him on the phone explaining my situation- he quickly had his team send me the necessary paperwork. I was able to read everything and get it signed online at my own pace and without feeling pressured. Before the day was over I had legal representation.
Los Angeles, CA
Bobby V.
I was involved in pretty bad accident. I was splitting, and a flat bed truck suddenly pulled in front of me. I had nowhere to go. I ended up going under the deck. I was airlifted from the scene and spent the next few days in the hospital. It took months to fully recover. The easiest part of all of it was working with my attorneys. They helped me every step of the way, and I got a great settlement.
Los Angeles, CA
Mark F
I was riding through Malibu on PCH. A driver behind me was not paying attention and ran up the back of me. My ankle got all messed up. I am really thankful to have Ramin as my attorney. He has been super helpful and ha even started supporting my club.
Malibu, CA
Lizette P
I went down in the desert on a ride with my MC. A car that had been stopped on the side of the road pulled out, without looking. He clipped my back wheel and that is all she wrote. One of the guys knew Ramin and gave him a call. He and his crew have helped me since day one. My case settled for the full insurance policy amount.
San Bernardino, CA
John L
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